Executive Advisors

Milepoint is a network of executive advisors with expertise in the development of novel life sciences technologies and products, uniquely positioned to partner with your R&D, Clinical, and Medical teams to drive the commercial development, including strategy, market access and pricing, and regulatory approval and certification.

All our advisors go through a rigorous vetting process and need to demonstrate a proven track record of successful work in senior positions with top pharmaceutical and medical devices companies, healthcare consultancies, or leading startups. Their experience with bringing new products to patients allows them to act as full-time or fractional chief business / commercial officers, leaders of their respective functions, and consultants, helping companies in answering critical questions, such as:

Strategy and commercial development
  • How do we translate our technology into a novel product that creates value for patients?
  • What is the current patient journey and what are the unmet needs?
  • What are the expectations of physicians and Key Opinion Leaders?
  • What is our competitive landscape and how can we win?
  • What is the market opportunity and what scenarios should we be prepared for?
  • What use cases, indications or geographic markets should we prioritize?
  • How do we select the right partners to bring our product to patients?
  • How do we prepare for future investment rounds and possible licensing transactions?
Regulatory approval and certification
  • How and when should we start planning for regulatory approval or certification?
  • How have similar products approached their regulatory pathways in the past?
  • What regulatory pathway will create the most value for patients, the company, and all our stakeholders?
  • What regulatory strategy and geographies should we prioritize to expedite our pathway to patient?
  • How should our regulatory pathway influence our evidence generation and product development?
Market access and pricing
  • What is the current level of pricing and what are the access conditions for existing similar products?
  • How have they approached their access and pricing strategy?
  • How will the value of our product be assessed by patients, physicians, and providers / payers?
  • What evidence do we need to generate to support our healthcare economics rationale?
  • What are the expected pricing and coverage trade-offs?
  • How will they affect our negotiation strategy, market opportunity forecasts, and scenarios?

How can you work with milepoint executive advisors?

Your pathway to patient will not be a straight line - it will come with challenges, key decision points, and pivotal moments. Our advisors are familiar with the way companies like yours work, and are prepared to roll up their sleeves and match your pace, becoming an integral part of your team and offering a hands-on, flexible approach.

All milepoint advisors are committed to making our services accessible, regardless of your development stage. Most advisors offer several fee schemes, including hourly rates, per project fees, success fees, and equity-based compensation.

As part of our 70% giving back commitment we also run programs that give exceptional companies, focused on underserved patient populations, access to pro bono advice and services. Reach out to us for more details.

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