Meet the team: Ellen van Avesaath

First published:
Mar 2023
Last Updated:
March 2023

We would like you to get to know us better. So, let’s introduce Ellen, our Founder’s Associate!

How did you become interested in life sciences?                                                                  

Even though I’ve always been very well aware of the impact of health issues on people’s lives, it was the research for my master theses and my work at Temple Therapeutics that really showed me the scale, diversity, and severity of these issues. Another eye-opener was the huge potential of biotech firms to give patients, with often so far incurable or neglected conditions, a view to relief or a cure and thereby change their lives in so many ways. Also, as I’ve had the privilege to talk to many founders and CEOs of biotech ventures, I learned a lot about the industry first-hand and experienced the great passion and dedication with which they pursued their mission; they have definitely passed the spark on to me! All in all, these experiences planted the seed for my ambition to make my own contribution to the industry, by helping life sciences ventures on their journey through the critical stages of their development. Although, I must say that there will always be a special place reserved for those who are primarily dedicated to a social mission and focus on neglected patient populations.

Why did you decide to join milepoint?                                                                          

Przemek and I have known each other for several years and we, among others, share a keen interest in life sciences. We both want to do what it takes to contribute to life sciences ventures’ ability to make a difference in patients’ lives. So, when Przemek decided to found milepoint and asked me to come on board, I didn’t have to think twice. I’m very excited to see where our shared journey will take us!

Now the usual cringey question - what do you do for fun?                                                  

As for my free time, I really enjoy exploring new countries and cities, be it that the UK, and London in particular, have been ranked first place on my list of favorite destinations for a long time. However, I also like to go for long walks in nature to free my mind and recharge. Another favorite “activity” is trying out new cuisines and restaurants, especially when I’m abroad. However, I must admit that my exchange semester in Milan is responsible for a, probably, lifelong addiction to Italian food!

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